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latest revision: 15 January 2007

15th of October 2006

Kunstpassage - Amsterdam
"I'm a European" will be show as part of the programme "Art is not captured". / Eurora presents at the Kunstpassage in Rotterdam. A broad and bustling programme with many disciplines of art taking eastern Europe as subject.
More information: www.eurora.nl - www.kunstpassage.nl
Noordsingel 113, Rotterdam Noord (former court building)
Starting 13.30, free entrance

Filmevening gallery Schijnheilig
26th of May 2005

schijnheilig - Amsterdam
"I'm a European" will be screened may 26th at the first film evening in the squatted gallery Schijnheilig in central Amsterdam at the heiligeweg 41.
More information: www.schijnheilig.org

Festival Globalisering
27th of June 2004

Kriterion - Amsterdam
Anyone can be a worldleader. You too! Discover the Festival Globalisation on 26th and 27th of June at the Roeterseiland in Amsterdam. With talks, debates, workshops, shows, films and expositions, the object is to offer a wide, interested audience the themes around which globalisation may be brought into perspective. All activities of this free event have one thing in common: What does globalisation have to do with you?
"I'm a European" will be shown as part of the filmprogramme on June 27th at 13:05 in cinema Kriterion.
More information: www.festivalglobalisering.nl

Student screening
7th of June 2004

Roeterseiland, UvA - Amsterdam
Because of the recent enlargement of the European Union the film "I'm a European" will be shown at the University of Amsterdam.
Roetersstraat 15
17:15 in room A-A (entrance opposite Kriterion cinema)

Europe Square
6th of May 2004
De Balie - Amsterdam
On the 6th of May de Balie will change into Europe Square. A square for all Europeans; for thinkers and doers, journalists, diplomats, photographers, turists and artists. With directed and spontaneous encounters, film, music and performances.
This evening the film "I'm a European" will be presented in de Balie.

Central and Eastern Europe Expo 2004
7th of February 2004

At the Middle- and East-Europe Expo 2004 filmhuis De Keizer will present the film "I 'm a European" at 12.45 in the 'Latijnse School' at the 'Grote Kerkhof' in Deventer.

Short Film Festival Grote Markt
27th and 28th of June 2003

The Hague
The film "I 'm a European" will be shown in the green unit at the Grote Markt in The Hague.
The film will be played at:
friday 27th of June: 22.00 uur / 23.00 uur
saterday 28th of June: 15.00 uur / 17.00 uur / 22.00 uur / 23.00 uur

10th of May 2003

Rialto - Amsterdam
At 13.00 you're welcome in Rialto Filmtheater, Ceintuurbaan 338 in Amsterdam. Besides the presentation of the film there will be the opportunity to see the exposition of videostills, to ask the filmmakers questions and to join us with a Romanian beer.

Exhibition Videostills
April-May 2003

Rialto - Amsterdam
In April and May an expositon of videostills will be shown in the Rialto Filmtheater. The stills have been selected from the same material that the film "I'm a European" has been edited from.